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Today, we are in the midst of a kind of revolution. Public life brims with empty theatrics in praise of celebrity figures. Populism rules. Random trends dominate a market with little variation or substance. An acquiesence to either the right or the left seems to be the vernacular. The way of an old age is dying away. 

Avenue Journal supports disruptive “content”, a mix of varying, strong ideas, while proving that this is possible within a “context” that doesn’t need to pretend.

Avenue Journal is a publisher of text and images which curates style, art and goings-on, with an aim to enhance culture, to empower the reader against blind acceptance of things, news, fashions and politics and to stir the proverbial pot in which the lesser-known, unappreciated professionals of New York and the world, form in vacuums. Cultivation is the ultimate mission of Avenue Journal. 


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