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Underground Music

Lewis Lazar in III Parts

Text by Lewis Lazar
and John White

1. Do you think that your childhood narrative is important to who you are today?

Not the narrative, but the experiences. The narrative is something we tell others to convince ourselves of something. It's an act, a narrative. The truth of the experience sits with you for longer than you know and comes out shaping your destiny in a hidden way. 

2. Do you plan to come out with an album anytime soon?

Yes, I'm recording now…I've been recording in NY, Dublin, London and in Villa Lena down in Italy.
It's all scrap metal at the moment…many different sounds coming together. When it finally comes out, it won't be just one thing. It might be a hundred mirrors.

3. Other musicians of-the-moment who you admire?

Certainly. M.I.A. I think Alex Turner and Julian Casablancas are two great writers. Grimes and Beach House have wonderful songs. Amy Winehouse.