Christopher Lux

San Fransisco, 2016

Text by John White
and Chris Lux

Okay, let’s start at the beginning, I’d like to just know something about your background, childhood, family, where you’re from, even where your distant family is from?

I’m from San Francisco. I was born and raised here. My family heritage is a mix of different parts of Europe (my mother is half Italian).
What is San Fransisco like?

After the earthquake in ‘89, the city became a playground for the next ten years: tents everywhere, abandoned buildings, skateboarding on abandoned freeways.

Detail of The Star Husbands, 2014 

What are your influences?

The difference with a lot of that 1990’s work, was that it was influenced by things outside of art: graffiti, punk, train hopping, hobo stuff, et cetera... very anti “high” art stuff. Whereas I was primarily influenced by art history as basis for my own work. I don’t know, I was into copying other pieces of art from the past. I still am, I think.

Detail of The Rolling Heads, 2014

Which ones more than others?

I really respond to the work of artists like Bob Thompson, Jacob Lawrence and Jan Müller. And other artists who mixed graphic, flat elements with loose painterly brush strokes in figurative paintings.

In sculpture, I am much more loose and I like the work of Ruby Neri, Rebecca Warren and Josephine Meckseper.
What are your plans for hereafter?

My immediate plans after I’m done with shows at the end of the year is to take a week off.

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