Photo by Alison Scarpulla

Movie theaters that have recently closed! Sunshine, Lincoln Plaza, Ziegfeld, Brooklyn Heights Cinema and Tribeca cinemas. Text by S. Lorenzo.

Photo by Tatjana Radičević

Souvenir ou pas
One night, I was sitting on my fire escape when, on the darkened street below, a heavyset woman appeared in the solitary glow of lamplight. The yellowish aura spread around her like a theatrical key in a darkness speckled with greenish shrubbery. If she only knew the stage she commanded at this moment on that dark street!
Blissful ignorance drove her formidable hips from side to side to side. Unchecked, she whirled her head back and forth, to and fro, without a trace of self-awareness. Then she arrived at the entrance. She raised her hands up and hurled an insult into the park. Text by S. Lorenzo

Photo by Sam Hessamian